Our Philosophy
DeFi & Web3
Technology First
  • Aurora Labs
    Aurora Labs is the development company behind Aurora—the EVM blockchain that runs on the NEAR Protocol.
  • Mises Browser
    The world’s first fast, secure and extension-supported mobile Web3 browser.
  • Rubic
    Rubic functionality can be implemented by any crypto project willing to become interoperable, with an fully customizable SDK.
  • Orbler
    Orbler's "Mission to Earn" isn't just about rewards. Dive in, tackle curated tasks, connect with peers, and elevate your Web3 journey every step of the way.
  • Plena Finance
    Plena Finance is a revolutionary smart wallet for NFT, metaverse, and web3.
  • Thirdweb
    Powerful Solidity SDK to build custom contracts in any EVM-compatible blockchains & audited contracts.
  • FMS
    FMS is an open-source social and blogging platform that uses web3 technology to power its services.
  • Edu3 Network
    Edu3 is built on a social network that offers a unique and secure learning experience.
  • Data Vital
    leverages AI and blockchain to provide personalized health services.
  • MugenSwap
    Multichain Decentralized Exchange & Crosschain Aggregator.
  • MugenLabz BOT
    The leading EVM tokens bot for telegram. Support 10+ evm networks to view realtime data from dex's in one place.
  • Mugen SmartDefi Token
    100% Asset-Backed & Zero interest Loan.[soon]
  • Staking
    A 1.5% transaction on all volume of the mugen token is fed to stakers.[soon]
  • Lending
    Take out interest free loans using mugen tokens for 30d as collateral. Extend them for a 0.1% fee.[soon]
  • NFTs
    Unique NFTs generated by AI technology & staking feature intregated to earning mugen token & more